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Hair Stylist Training DVD Deluxe Set

Hair Stylist Training DVD Deluxe Set

How to Become A Master Hair Stylist Instructional DVD Deluxe Set by Master Hair Stylist Mogi of Beverly Hills

The “Mogi Master Stylist Technique” is a unique style of cutting that optimizes cutting efficiency and improves consistency.

You will be able to cut hair more quickly and accurately while reducing fatigue!

There is a strong emphasis on body and hand positioning along with basic hairstyle instruction that can be used as a basis for most modern hairstyles.

The instruction is aimed at recent cosmetology graduates as well as current working stylists that want to improve their skills. 

After going through the Mogi hands on classes or dvd’s and practicing the techniques, you’ll have a new set of skills that will enhance your hair styling work flow, boost confidence, and most importantly, satisfy your customers!

Here's what other students have to say! 


Deluxe Set Includes:
Vol 1  DVD
Vol 2  DVD
along with a Pfizz Comb  (Random Color)

Instructional Training dvd set showing how to master the Mogi method of hair cutting :

Vol 1. Contains the following sections

Long Hair Cut (technique demo)
Stroke Hair Cut (technique demo)
Hair Cut Practice (technique demo)
Body Motion (for efficient quick cutting)
Hands & Fingers Exercises (to build speed, accuracy and endurance)
Pfizz Comb (technique demo)
Mogi Doll Head Stand (demo showing advantages of the Mogi Hair Stand)
One Length Haircut (technique demo)

Vol 2. Contains the following sections

Round Layer Haircut (technique demo)
A-Line Graduation Haircut (technique demo)
Body Motion (for efficient quick cutting)
Hands & Fingers Exercises (to build speed, accuracy and endurance) 
Feminine Haircut
Pfizz comb (technique demo)

(Instruction is in English)
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Challenge yourself to improve! The Mogi method can really help!

Attend one of his live classes or get the DVD!

Comments from past students and stylists:

"I've been a hair stylist for over 7 years, but the Mogi method opened my eyes and totally changed the way I look at and execute hair cuts - It's made hair cuts and styling fast and fun again!" 

"I'm ashamed to say that I've been doing everything wrong!  Now I can practice the correct methods!" 

"I want to become one of the best hairstylists, so I wanted to learn from the best!" 

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