2017 Mogi Hair Method - Live Hands On Hair Stylist BootCamp Training Class

2017 Mogi Hair Method - Live Hands On Hair Stylist BootCamp Training Class

Mogi 2017 Live Hands On Hair Stylist Training Class Enrollment & Tuition Info

Equivalent to Advanced Cosmetology Techniques at KC Beauty Academy

Become a Great Hairstylist
In Only 72 Hours of Intensive Bootcamp Training
Guaranteed you will Improve and Excel as a Hair Stylist!
Quick and Effective - See Results Fast!

Limited Enrollment

Common Obstacles for Beginning Stylists = 

  • Salon where you work doesn't have a proper teacher / training / education system
  • Hair shows and local classes are too expensive
  • Mannequins are too expensive - making it difficult to practice the same haircut over and over
  • As a beginner, you don't have the confidence or skills yet, so it feels like you are just practicing on an unsuspecting clients hair.  This is stressful for you and the client. 

The Solution = the Mogi Method

  • Focus on foundational skills that accelerate your haircutting skill
  • Unique practice method - Learn to cut hair without actually cutting a clients hair - practice anywhere, any time. 
  • The concept of learning 3 advanced geometric haircuts which can be the foundation for various other hair styles. Once you master these advanced techniques, you can create all hairstyles with confidence. 

The Importance of Training the Hands and Finger Coordination through exercises 

What you will learn with the Mogi Method

  1. First step - "create hair stylist hands" 
  2. Hand and Body Coordination - master this and you can cut quickly and consistently
  3. Learn 3 Advanced Geometric Cuts through repetition and practice Use a unique way of practicing so you can practice anywhere and anytime. (You won't have to buy 100 Mannequins!) 
  4. Learn how to combine 3 advanced geometric cuts to create an unlimited number of hair styles. 


Are you really serious about this? We are.  Are you willing to learn? 

The Mogi Method only works for a motivated eager person who is serious about improving their skills quickly

This is an intensive bootcamp course.
Homework will be given.
You will have to work hard. "Wax on Wax off"*
But we guarantee you will see and feel huge progress and results.  

Classes Every Monday
Starts Monday Sept 11th! 
10am to 5pm for 12 weeks
6 Hours x3 Months = 72 hours
Cost only $1200 (70 hours course) Full Payment Upfront

KC Beauty Academy Downtown Los Angeles
706 E 1st St
Los Angeles CA 90012

Please Bring:
Wig stand - and at least 3 wigs.  You can purchase wigs from us at the class as if needed.
Scissors, Thinning Scissors, Cut combs, Blow Dryer, Cutting Cape,
Styling brushes, clips. 

Who's Mogi?
Mogi is a Master Beverly Hills Hair Stylist with multiple world hair cutting awards who regularly taught hands on classes at the International Salon and Spa Expo (ISSE) in Long Beach and other locations for many years. 
*"Wax on Wax off" refers to Mr Miyagi's Repetitive Training method in the original Karate Kid

Please email or call if you have any questions.


Thank you!

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